Perfect timing for bike concept

26 June 2018 00:00

The day when the coalition in Amsterdam decided that the city should become largely car-free by further increasing parking fees and cancelling 10,000 parking slots, BAM Infra already had a solution for this: a bike-based mobility concept!

Marinus Schimmel, Director of BAM Infra Nederland, presented this concept together with Huub Lamers, Managing Director of Koninklijke Gazelle, to the press at the EYE Film Museum last Thursday. And, probably aided by the coalition's decision, we got plenty of attention.

A 22-km bicycle route
The plan aims to improve the flow of traffic around Amsterdam and Schiphol. The concept consists of a 22-kilometre bicycle route from Hoofddorp to the Amsterdam Zuidas, with Schiphol as its centre. The route is suitable for regular bikes, e-bikes (25 km/h) and speedbikes (45 km/h).

For workers, business people and tourists
The concept is intended to serve the employees working at Schiphol or in the surrounding area, business travellers from the Zuidas to Schiphol, and tourists who land at the airport and who would like to directly continue to the sights that are on their bucket list. When booking their air ticketsvia Fly+Bike, they also reserve their bikes. Schiphol takes care of their luggage being delivered to their final destinations.