Biking, walking and skating on the Nieuwe Twenteroute

26 June 2018 00:00

Happy residents
The newly constructed N18 has relieved the town centres of Eibergen, Haaksbergen and Usselotaken of lots of traffic, making them much safer and more pleasant to live in. The local residents are happy that the region is easy to reach again. And the new road has also cut off twenty minutes of the time needed to travel from Enschede to Lichtenvoorde during the rush hour.

Proud BAM employees
BAM Infra Regionaal constructed the section of the N18 between Lichtenvoorde and Varsseveld. Rijkswaterstaat and the BAM Infra team headed by Robert ten Bras spent one and a half years constructing the road as designed. They look back on a successful partnership and an achievement of which both parties can be proud.